Do you make cupcakes?
You bet we do! We have several flavors, 3 different sizes and so many decorating options you’re sure to get the perfect cupcake for your special occasion!
What does standard garnish mean?
Beaverton Bakery’s Cinema Cakes™ created with the standard garnish aren’t just any old iced cake. Each cake is beautifully designed to look good at your event or affair.
Can I choose the color scheme for the cake I order online?
You sure can! Whether you order your cake via telephone, in our bakery, or online, you can always specify your color choices.
Do I need to make an appointment before visiting your wedding cake shop?
No need to call ahead. Our wedding cake shop, located at our Old Town Beaverton location, is open Monday-Saturday 9:30am-6:00pm, and closed on Sundays. We have staff on hand for you to consult with, a comfortable area for you to sit and browse through our wedding cake photo albums, a wall display containing all of our wedding cake toppers, and while you’re choosing your wedding cake you can even see our cake decorators at work.
Copyrighted cake designs?
Basically, copyrighted decoration schemes require licensing. But if you provide a official decoration kit we can incorporate it.
Is there a size requirement or limit on photos submitted for kopyjet cakes?
The quality is much better with a larger photograph or image. You can also put as many images on a cake as will fit. However, each image after the first is an additional $5.00.
Can I have my goodies delivered?
Our Cinema Cakes™ are available for pick up at both our Old Town Beaverton location, and our Southlake Center location. For maps and directions, click here.