Our History

beaverton bakery’s historic building

Beaverton’s first Doctor, Francis Marion Robinson, graduated from Willamette University in 1885 with a degree in medicine, and started a practice in Beaverton. In 1887, Dr. Robinson had a Queen Anne-style, Victorian home built on Broadway. In 1893, he had a pharmacy built next to his residence. His house and pharmacy still stand today, as a functioning part of Beaverton Bakery’s Old Town operation.

over 80 years of all scratch baking

In 1925 Charles Yeager combined and converted the Robinson house and pharmacy into Yeager’s Bakery. Charles Schubert came to work at the bakery in 1952 and later purchased the business in 1965.

The Robinson Home is now listed on the national register of historic homes. The 18.5 foot tall clock adorning the Robinson Home’s front lawn was placed by Mr. Schubert in 1983. It was originally constructed between 1912 and 1915 by Joseph Mayer of Seattle.

Mr. Schubert and his late wife Shirley expanded the bakery with the addition of a wedding shop. The theater to the west was acquired and converted into offices and production space. In 2004 the City of Beaverton completed Bakery Plaza on the northeast corner of SW Hall and Broadway on land donated by Mr. Schubert.

our high quality tradition continues

Today, Beaverton Bakery offers a full line of baked goods at its original Old Town Beaverton location.  You can also find Beaverton Bakery products featured in area grocery stores and restaurants.