Beaverton Bakery Cupcakes

Baked Fresh To Order

We bake our cupcakes fresh to order and they are available in a variety of sizes and decorations. We also make special cupcake tiers as a whimsical alternative to a wedding cake, or as a fun alternative to any special occasion cake!

Cupcakes For Your Wedding

If you are interested in ordering cupcakes for your wedding, please contact our wedding cake shop at (503) 941-2259 or

If you are ordering less than 5 dozen cupcakes, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to complete your order. For orders of 5 dozen and larger, we require at least 48 hours to complete your order.

Special Ordering

If you would like to special order cupcakes, please read through all of the choices below and then call our customer service number at (503) 646-7136 to place your order.


Dipped in fudge or cream cheese frosting, creating a smooth finish. Optional buttercream rosette garnish.

Flavors: Chocolate, White, Red Velvet

Also available in in a “flat ice” – a flat, smooth pillow of buttercream allowing for decoration, rosette, or other garnish.

Regular Size

  • with or without rosette
  • flat ice
  • w/decoration

Large Size

  • dipped
  • dipped w/decoration
  • flat iced
  • flat iced w/decoration

Beaverton Bakery Standard Cupcakes

Iced in a swirl of cream cheese, Red Velvet, Carrot & Poppy Whip cream Banana, creating the traditional cupcake look.

Red Velvet, Banana, Carrot, Poppy

Special Large Cupcakes

Mocha, Orange, Raspberry Ganache, Red Velvet, Strawberry Buttercream

Large Brown and Haley Almond Roca Cupcakes