Beaverton Bakery Turns 90!

Beaverton Bakery proudly celebrates our 90th anniversary with events all year long.

1925 Grandma’s Coffee cakes
Month of March

Yeager’s Bakery opened in this storefront. This product was featured during that year, and is still made today! The original name was “Grandma’s Tea Cake” the name was changed in the 40’s when coffee cakes were made popular. It’s the tested and true recipe

*Made with Buttermilk malt and Brown sugar

1935 Lunchbox Cookies
Month of April

Choc chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, and Peanut Butter cookies began in this decade, made smaller and became known as “Snaps” for kid’s lunches. We are sponsoring a coloring contest for children 10 years or younger and the winner receives a pack of lunchbox cookies for a whole year!

*We put the “snap” in cookies

1945 Cinnamon Bread
Month of May

Our Cinnamon Bread is made from a recipe from Oregon City in 1945. It is still made “by hand” in our bakery today! Come visit the bakery from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturdays this month to see the timeless techniques still being practiced by our bakers!

*”The Toast of the Town”

1955 Decorated Cake Sale
Month of June

Our birthday celebration continues with our very own decorated cakes, baked from scratch! We are featuring Chiffon cakes and invite you to join us to win free birthday cakes for your family this month (Up to 4 cakes please) details in store.

*the home of quality ingredients and timeless techniques

1965 Butter Crispies
Month of July

Made from puffed pastry rolled by hand topped with sugar and walnuts and baked daily. Come and visit our sidewalk sale this month from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturdays.

*This recipe is “Grandpa’s Favorite”

1975 Brownies and “Old Fashioned” Bars
Month of August

Lemon, Marion berry, Raspberry and assorted brownies are on the menu this month. Join us “Under the Beaverton Bakery Clock” for picnics on Saturdays this month and sample the bars and some lemonade with us!

*Featuring local farmers fruits and nuts

1985 Butter crust Bread
Month of September

One dollar of every sale of each loaf of this bread will be donated to Beaverton Education Foundation to encourage learning in our neighborhood!

*“Raising Bread“ for our schools!

1995 Handcut Decorated Cookies
Month of October

We mix the recipe, roll ‘em out, cut ‘em, then decorate ‘em back here! We are having a contest this month for Beaverton Elementary School children to compose an essay proclaiming

*“What Makes Beaverton Great”

Winner will receive a $500. Donation to their classroom
Each student will receive a cookie kit to decorate their own creations when their essay is submitted!

2005 Brown & Haley Almond Roca Cupcakes
Month of November

Beaverton Bakery partnered with the confection giant (circa 1923) to formulate a topping featuring the confection dubbed “Almond Roca”. Our cake consists of a fudge cake with Almond and chocolate buttercreme filling topped with Almond Roca chunks!

*A Sweet Partnership!

2015 Individual French Pastries
Month of December

The Grand Finale of our event! Handmade and decorated French pastries for your Holiday Season! Come by and register to win:

*The Twelve Days of Christmas

To include:
12 mini eclairs
11 Crème Puffs
10 Mini Fruit tarts
9 Chocolate Rum Balls
8 Brownie Bars
7 Filled Cannoli
6 Almond Roca Cupcakes
5 Bread Puddings
4 Key Lime tarts
3 Mini Cheesecakes
2 Bailey’s Brownies


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